Commit 6d844595 authored by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre's avatar Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
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parent 0b55324b
......@@ -361,37 +361,15 @@ install-mizar-yes:
cp lib/mizar/why.miz @MIZARLIB@/mml
cp lib/mizar/dict/why.voc @MIZARLIB@/mml/dict
local-install: $(BINARY) $(WHYCONFIG) $(CADUCEUS) $(JESSIE) bin/why-ide.$(OCAMLBEST) byte bin/why-ide.byte
local-install: $(BINARY) $(WHYCONFIG) $(JESSIE) bin/why-ide.$(OCAMLBEST) byte bin/why-ide.byte
cp $(BINARY) $$HOME/bin/why
cp $(WHYCONFIG) $$HOME/bin/why
cp $(CADUCEUS) $$HOME/bin/caduceus
cp $(JESSIE) $$HOME/bin/jessie
if test -f bin/why-ide.$(OCAMLBEST); then \
cp -f bin/why-ide.$(OCAMLBEST) $$HOME/bin/why-ide; \
local: install
# local: bin/why.opt $(CADUCEUS) $(WHY2HTML) $(DP) $(RVMERGE) coq-@COQ@
# cp -f bin/why.opt $$HOME/bin/$$OSTYPE/why
# cp -f $(CADUCEUS) $$HOME/bin/$$OSTYPE/caduceus
# cp -f $(WHY2HTML) $$HOME/bin/$$OSTYPE/why2html
# cp -f $(DP) $$HOME/bin/$$OSTYPE/dp
# cp -f $(RVMERGE) $$HOME/bin/$$OSTYPE/rv_merge
# # mkdir -p $(COQLIB)/contrib7/why
# # cp -f $(VO7) $(VFILES) $(COQLIB)/contrib7/why
# # mkdir -p $(COQLIB)/contrib/why
# # cp -f $(VO8) $(VFILES) $(COQLIB)/contrib/why
# mkdir -p $(PVSLIB)/why
# cp $(PVSFILES) $(PVSLIB)/why
# mkdir -p $(MIZFILES)/mml/dict
# cp lib/mizar/why.miz $(MIZFILES)/mml
# cp lib/mizar/dict/why.voc $(MIZFILES)/mml/dict
# mkdir -p $$HOME/man/man1
# cp -f doc/*.1 $$HOME/man/man1
demons: $(STATICBINARY) doc/
cp -f $(STATICBINARY) /users/demons/demons/bin/$$OSTYPE/why
cp doc/ /users/demons/demons/docs/
win: why.nsi
"/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/NSIS/makensis" /DVERSION=$(VERSION) why.nsi
......@@ -688,8 +666,6 @@ clean::
rm -f *.cm*
rm -f src/*.cm[iox] src/*.o src/*~ src/*.annot src/*.output
rm -f src/*/*.cm[iox] src/*/*.o src/*/*~ src/*/*.annot src/*/*.output
rm -f c/*.cm[iox] c/*.o c/*~ c/*.annot c/*.output
rm -f intf/*.cm[iox] intf/*.o intf/*~ intf/*.annot
rm -f tools/*.cm[iox] tools/*.o tools/*~ tools/*.annot
rm -f jc/*.cm[iox] jc/*.o jc/*~ jc/*.annot jc/*.output
rm -f java/*.cm[iox] java/*.o java/*~ java/*.annot java/*.output
......@@ -698,8 +674,7 @@ clean::
ml/parsing/*.annot ml/parsing/*.output
rm -f ml/utils/*.cm[iox] ml/utils/*.o ml/utils/*~ ml/utils/*.annot
rm -f ml/typing/*.cm[iox] ml/typing/*.o ml/typing/*~ ml/typing/*.annot
rm -f bin/why.opt bin/why.byte bin/why.static bin/top
rm -f bin/caduceus.opt bin/caduceus.byte
rm -f bin/why.opt bin/why.byte
rm -f bin/jessie.opt bin/jessie.byte
rm -f bin/jessica.opt bin/jessica.byte
rm -f bin/why-obfuscator.opt bin/why-obfuscator.byte
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