Commit 6d53ed83 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Avoid a superfluous symbolic link to why3doc.

parent bc4bba0c
......@@ -1194,10 +1194,10 @@ STDMODS = ref array arith hashtbl impset pqueue queue random stack string
STDLIBFILES = $(addsuffix .why, $(addprefix theories/, $(STDLIBS)))
STDMODFILES = $(addsuffix .mlw, $(addprefix modules/, $(STDMODS)))
stdlibdoc: $(STDLIBFILES) $(STDMODFILES) bin/why3doc
stdlibdoc: $(STDLIBFILES) $(STDMODFILES) bin/why3doc.@OCAMLBEST@
mkdir -p doc/stdlibdoc
rm -f doc/stdlibdoc/style.css
WHY3LOADPATH=theories bin/why3doc -L modules -o doc/stdlibdoc \
WHY3LOADPATH=theories bin/why3doc.@OCAMLBEST@ -L modules -o doc/stdlibdoc \
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