Commit 69e8633a authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Fix for bug #21527.

When cloning a module using another module with a nullary symbol with some
regions, these regions were no longer available to clone the declarations
that were using them.
parent 47a0a703
......@@ -161,7 +161,12 @@ let check_vars vars =
(Stv.choose vars.vars_tv).tv_name.id_string
let letvar_news = function
| LetV pv -> check_vars pv.pv_ity.ity_vars; Sid.singleton pv.pv_vs.vs_name
| LetV pv ->
check_vars pv.pv_ity.ity_vars;
(fun r acc -> Sid.add r.reg_name acc)
(Sid.singleton pv.pv_vs.vs_name)
| LetA ps -> check_vars ps.ps_vars; Sid.singleton ps.ps_name
let ids_of_pvset s pvs =
......@@ -615,7 +615,8 @@ let clone_export uc m minst inst =
let id = id_clone ps.ps_name in
let aty = conv_aty !mvs ps.ps_aty in
let vari = Spv.fold (fun pv l ->
(t_var (Mvs.find pv.pv_vs !mvs), None)::l) ps.ps_pvset [] in
(t_var (Mvs.find_def pv.pv_vs pv.pv_vs !mvs), None)::l)
ps.ps_pvset [] in
(* we save all external pvsymbols to preserve the effects *)
let spec = { aty.aty_spec with c_variant = vari } in
let aty = vty_arrow ~spec aty.aty_args aty.aty_result in
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