Commit 69cecb03 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

Added a command to print declaration that defined an ident.

Seemed useful because the declaration might not be displayed.
parent c92dfdd3
val print_decl: Args_wrapper.name_tables -> Format.formatter -> Decl.decl -> unit
......@@ -618,8 +618,31 @@ let print_known_map _fmt _args =
printf "known: %s@." id.Ident.id_string)
let find_any_id nt s =
try (Stdlib.Mstr.find s nt.Theory.ns_pr).Decl.pr_name with
| Not_found -> try (Stdlib.Mstr.find s nt.Theory.ns_ls).Term.ls_name with
| Not_found -> (Stdlib.Mstr.find s nt.Theory.ns_ts).Ty.ts_name
let print_id s task fmt =
let tables = Args_wrapper.build_name_tables task in
let km = tables.Args_wrapper.known_map in
let id = try Some (find_any_id tables.Args_wrapper.namespace s) with
| Not_found -> Format.fprintf fmt "Does not exists @."; None in
if id = None then () else
let id = Opt.get id in
let d =
try Some (Ident.Mid.find id km) with
| Not_found -> None in
if d = None then () else Format.fprintf fmt "%a @." (Why3printer.print_decl tables) (Opt.get d)
let test_print_id fmt args =
let id = nearest_goal () in
let task = get_task cont.controller_session id in
match args with
| [s] -> print_id s task fmt
| _ -> Format.fprintf fmt "Wrong number of arguments"
let commands =
......@@ -632,6 +655,7 @@ let commands =
"p", "print the session in raw form", dump_session_raw;
"c", "<provername> [timelimit [memlimit]] run a prover on the current goal", test_schedule_proof_attempt;
"st", "<c> apply the strategy whose shortcut is 'c'", run_strategy;
"print", "<s> print the declaration where s was defined", test_print_id;
"g", "prints the current goal", test_print_goal;
"r", "reload the session (test only)", test_reload;
"s", "save the current session", test_save_session;
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