Commit 692959f5 authored by Benedikt Becker's avatar Benedikt Becker

Sort CE attributes in the output of the model parser

parent c4b5b91b
......@@ -522,20 +522,22 @@ let fix_loc_kind ~at_loc name =
labels_added, name in
snd (Sattr.fold aux name.men_attrs (Sstr.empty, name))
let cmp_attrs a1 a2 = a1.attr_string a2.attr_string
let print_model_element ~at_loc ~print_attrs ~print_model_value ~me_name_trans fmt m_element =
match m_element.me_name.men_kind with
| Error_message -> fprintf fmt "%s" m_element.me_name.men_name
| _ ->
let m_element = {m_element with me_name=fix_loc_kind ~at_loc m_element.me_name} in
if print_attrs then
fprintf fmt "@[%s, @[[%a]@] =@ %a@]"
(me_name_trans m_element.me_name)
(Pp.print_list Pp.comma Pretty.print_attr)
(Sattr.elements m_element.me_name.men_attrs)
print_model_value m_element.me_value
else fprintf fmt "@[%s =@ %a@]"
(me_name_trans m_element.me_name)
print_model_value m_element.me_value
fprintf fmt "@[<hv2>@[<hov2>%s%t =@]@ %a@]"
(me_name_trans m_element.me_name)
(fun fmt ->
if print_attrs then
fprintf fmt ",@ [%a]"
(Pp.print_list Pp.comma Pretty.print_attr)
(List.sort cmp_attrs (Sattr.elements m_element.me_name.men_attrs)))
print_model_value m_element.me_value
let print_model_elements ~at_loc ~print_attrs ?(sep = Pp.newline)
~print_model_value ~me_name_trans fmt m_elements =
......@@ -691,7 +693,7 @@ let print_attrs_json (me : model_element_name) fmt =
(fun fmt attr -> Json_base.string fmt attr.attr_string)
(Sattr.elements me.men_attrs)
(List.sort cmp_attrs (Sattr.elements me.men_attrs))
(* Compute the kind of a model_element using its attributes and location *)
let compute_kind (me : model_element) =
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