Commit 68701e11 authored by Johannes Kanig's avatar Johannes Kanig Committed by Guillaume Melquiond

minor fix windows client after started message change

(cherry picked from commit 869175b9e3d2fbf63b6a0a38456c542e8bc7bc20)
parent 8af739ca
......@@ -132,6 +132,9 @@ void send_msg_to_client(pclient client,
bool timeout,
char* outfile);
//send msg to [client] about the result of VC [id]
void send_started_msg_to_client(pclient client, char* id);
//send msg to [client] that the VC [id] has been started
void add_to_completion_port(HANDLE h, ULONG_PTR key) {
HANDLE tmp = CreateIoCompletionPort(h, completion_port, key, 1);
......@@ -508,7 +511,8 @@ void send_started_msg_to_client(pclient client,
if (used != len - 1) {
shutdown_with_msg("message for client too long");
queue_write(client, msgbuf);
push_write_data(client->writebuf, msgbuf);
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