Commit 683ec2ad authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Pattern: try to preserve the initial order of cases during compilation

parent e481b78f
......@@ -40,16 +40,18 @@ let compile ~get_constructors ~mk_case ~mk_let tl rl =
(* map every constructor occurring at the head
* of the pattern list to the list of its args *)
let types =
let rec populate acc p = match p.pat_node with
let types, cslist =
let rec populate (css,csl as acc) p = match p.pat_node with
| Pwild | Pvar _ -> acc
| Pas (p,_) -> populate acc p
| Por (p,q) -> populate (populate acc p) q
| Papp (fs,pl) when is_constr fs -> Mls.add fs pl acc
| Papp (fs,pl) when is_constr fs ->
if Mls.mem fs css then acc else
Mls.add fs pl css, (fs,pl) :: csl
| Papp (fs,_) -> raise (ConstructorExpected (fs,ty))
let populate acc (pl,_) = populate acc (List.hd pl) in
List.fold_left populate Mls.empty rl
List.fold_left populate (Mls.empty,[]) rl
(* dispatch every case to a primitive constructor/wild case *)
let cases,wilds =
......@@ -123,14 +125,14 @@ let compile ~get_constructors ~mk_case ~mk_let tl rl =
let base = if no_wilds then []
else [pat_wild ty, comp_wilds ()]
let add cs ql acc =
let add acc (cs,ql) =
let get_vs q = create_vsymbol (id_fresh "x") q.pat_ty in
let vl = List.rev_map get_vs ql in
let pl = List.rev_map pat_var vl in
let al = List.rev_map t_var vl in
(pat_app cs pl ty, comp_cases cs al) :: acc
mk_case t (Mls.fold add types base)
mk_case t (List.fold_left add base cslist)
compile tl rl
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