Commit 675a388a authored by Asma Tafat's avatar Asma Tafat Committed by atafat
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explanations for for loops

parent 687ab81e
......@@ -415,14 +415,16 @@ and wp_desc env e q = match e.expr_desc with
wp_expr env e1 q1
let f = wp_and ~sym:true
(f_subst (subst1 x.pv_vs (t_var v1.pv_vs)) inv)
(wp_expl "for loop initialization"
(f_subst (subst1 x.pv_vs (t_var v1.pv_vs)) inv))
(quantify env e.expr_effect
(wp_and ~sym:true
(wp_forall x.pv_vs
(wp_expl "for loop preservation"
(wp_forall x.pv_vs
(wp_and (f_app le [t_var v1.pv_vs; t_var x.pv_vs])
(f_app le [t_var x.pv_vs; t_var v2.pv_vs]))
(wp_implies inv wp1)))
(wp_implies inv wp1))))
(let sv2 = t_app add [t_var v2.pv_vs; incr] ty_int in
wp_implies (f_subst (subst1 x.pv_vs sv2) inv) q1)))
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