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documenting semantic changes in Why3 1.00

- partial versus total correctness
- semantics of "any"
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......@@ -351,6 +351,49 @@ file describes other potential sources of incompatibility.
Here are a few more semantic changes
\item[Proving only partial correctness] In versions 0.xx of Why3, when
a program function is recursive but not given a variant, or contains
a while loop not given a variant, then it was assumed that the user
wants to prove partial correctness only. A warning was issued,
recommending to add an extra \verb|diverges| clause to that
function's contract. It was also possible to disable that warning by
adding the label \verb|"W:diverges:N"| to the function's
name. Version 1.00 of Why3 is more aggressively requiring the user
to prove the termination of functions which are not given the
\verb|diverges| clause, and the previous warning is now an
error. The possibility of proving only partial correctness is now
given on a more fine-grain basis: any expression for which one wants
to prove partial correctness only, must by annotated with the
attribute \verb|[@vc:divergent]|.
In other words, if one was using the following structure in Why3 0.xx:
let f "W:diverges:N" <parameters> <contract> = <body>
then in 1.00 it should be written as
let f <parameters> <contract> = [@vc:divergent] <body>
\item[Semantics of the \texttt{any} construct] The \verb|any| construct
in Why3 0.xx was introducing an arbitrary value satisfying the
associated post-condition. In some sense, this construct was
introducing some form of an axiom stating that such a value
exists. In Why3 1.00, it is now mandatory to prove the existence of
such a value, and a VC is generated for that purpose.
To obtain the effect of the former semantics of the \verb|any| construct, one should use instead a local \verb|val| function. In other words, if one was using the following structure in Why3 0.xx:
any (x:t) ensures { P(x) }
then in 1.00 it should be written as
val x:t ensures { P(result) } in x
\section{Release Notes for version 0.80: syntax changes w.r.t. 0.73}
The syntax of \whyml programs changed in release 0.80.
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