Commit 6617fc24 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

improve error messages

parent a5a64af7
......@@ -59,7 +59,10 @@ let subst_quant_list quant term_quant list_term : term =
match list_term, vsl with
| t :: lt_tl, v :: vsl_tl ->
let (ty_subst, _) =
Reduction_engine.first_order_matching (Svs.add v Svs.empty) [Term.t_var v] [t]
Reduction_engine.first_order_matching (Svs.add v Svs.empty) [Term.t_var v] [t]
with Reduction_engine.NoMatch _e ->
raise (Arg_trans (Format.asprintf "cannot match %a with %a" Pretty.print_term (Term.t_var v) Pretty.print_term t))
create_mvs lt_tl vsl_tl (Mvs.add v t acc)
(Ty.Mtv.union (fun _ _ y -> Some y) ty_subst acc_ty)
......@@ -70,7 +73,7 @@ let subst_quant_list quant term_quant list_term : term =
let (ty_subst, m_subst), variables_remaining =
create_mvs list_term vsl Mvs.empty Ty.Mtv.empty
with _ -> raise (Arg_trans ("subst_quant_list"))
with exn -> raise (Arg_trans (Format.asprintf "subst_quant_list: exception %a" Exn_printer.exn_printer exn))
let new_t = t_ty_subst ty_subst m_subst te in
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