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prepare for release 0.71

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* marks an incompatible change
version 0.71, October 11, 2011
o [examples] a lot of new program examples in directory examples/programs
o [Why3replayer] new option -latex to output a proof session in LaTeX format
o [WhyML] significant improvement of the efficiency of the WP calculus
o [WhyIDE] better coloring and source positioning including from front-ends
such as Krakatoa and Jessie plugin of Frama-C
o [WhyML] fixed labels and source locations in WPs
o [Session] during reload, new method for pairing old and new subgoals
based on goal shapes, stored in database.
o [Session] prover versions are stored in database. A proof is
# Why version
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
Version \whyversion{}, July 2011
Version \whyversion{}, October 2011
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