Commit 6212fc32 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler


parent f361e0c7
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ open Decl
open Theory
open Task
open Args_wrapper
open Reduction_engine
let rec dup n x = if n = 0 then [] else x::(dup (n-1) x)
......@@ -75,9 +77,6 @@ let remove_task_decl (name: Ident.ident) : task trans =
| _ -> [d])
(* TODO check if this works in particular when hypothesis names
are extracted from same name. Seemed not to work before
adding "print_task". To be resolved in a better way. *)
(* from task [delta, name:A |- G] build the task [delta |- G] *)
let remove name =
remove_task_decl name.pr_name
......@@ -95,54 +94,6 @@ let instantiate (pr: Decl.prsymbol) t =
[d; new_decl]
| _ -> [d]) None
(* TODO find correct librrary *)
let choose_option a b =
match a, b with
| Some x, _ -> Some x
| None, Some x -> Some x
| None, None -> None
(* TODO stupid This function return the term we need to use in place of
the variable so that the 2 terms can be equal.
This function is NOT used to check that the 2 terms are equal as we want
library function from Term to do that.
TODO cases are probably forgotten. To be completed *)
let rec is_unify t x v =
match t.t_node, x.t_node with
| Tvar v', _ when v == v' -> Some x
| Tapp(ls, tl), Tapp(ls', tl') when ls == ls' ->
is_unify_list tl tl' v
| Tif (f, t, e), Tif(f', t', e') ->
is_unify_list [f;t;e] [f';t';e'] v
| Tlet (t, tb), Tlet (t', tb') ->
let (_v', e) = t_open_bound tb in
let (_v'', e') = t_open_bound tb' in
is_unify_list [t; e] [t'; e'] v
| Tcase (t, bl), Tcase (t', bl') ->
(List.fold_left2 (fun acc b b' ->
let (_, t1) = t_open_branch b in
let (_, t2) = t_open_branch b' in
choose_option acc (is_unify t1 t2 v)) None bl bl')
(is_unify t t' v)
| Teps tb, Teps tb' ->
let (_v', e) = t_open_bound tb in
let (_v'', e') = t_open_bound tb' in
is_unify e e' v
| Tquant (_q, tq), Tquant (_q', tq') ->
let (_vl, _tr, t) = t_open_quant tq in
let (_vl', _tr', t') = t_open_quant tq' in
is_unify t t' v
| Tbinop (_b, t1, t2), Tbinop (_b', t1', t2') ->
is_unify_list [t1;t2] [t1';t2'] v
| Tnot t, Tnot t' ->
is_unify t t' v
| _, _ -> None
and is_unify_list tl xl v =
List.fold_left2 (fun acc t1 t2 ->
choose_option acc (is_unify t1 t2 v)) None tl xl
let term_decl d =
match d.td_node with
| Decl ({d_node = Dprop (_pk, _pr, t)}) -> t
......@@ -175,7 +126,6 @@ let intros f =
| _ -> (lp, lv, f) in
intros_aux [] Svs.empty f
open Reduction_engine
(* Apply:
1) takes the hypothesis and introduce parts of it to keep only the last element of
the implication. It gathers the premises and variables in a list.
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