Commit 5e997543 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Vc: recursive functions with variants

parent 48150e94
......@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@ let ls_of_rs s = match s.rs_logic with RLls ls -> ls | _ -> assert false
let clone_vs v = create_vsymbol (id_clone v.vs_name) v.vs_ty
let clone_pv v = clone_vs v.pv_vs
let old_of_pv {pv_vs = v; pv_ity = ity} =
create_pvsymbol ~ghost:true (id_clone v.vs_name) (ity_purify ity)
(* TODO? take a string as an argument? many of these are proxies *)
let res_of_ty ty = create_vsymbol (id_fresh "result") ty
let res_of_ity ity = res_of_ty (ty_of_ity ity)
......@@ -43,6 +46,7 @@ let wp_label = Ident.create_label "vc:wp"
type vc_env = {
known_map : Pdecl.known_map;
letrec_ps : (variant list * lsymbol option list) Mls.t;
ps_int_le : lsymbol;
ps_int_ge : lsymbol;
ps_int_lt : lsymbol;
......@@ -53,6 +57,7 @@ type vc_env = {
let mk_env {Theory.th_export = ns} kn = {
known_map = kn;
letrec_ps = Mls.empty;
ps_int_le = Theory.ns_find_ls ns ["infix <="];
ps_int_ge = Theory.ns_find_ls ns ["infix >="];
ps_int_lt = Theory.ns_find_ls ns ["infix <"];
......@@ -83,7 +88,7 @@ let _expl_type_inv = Ident.create_label "expl:type invariant"
let _expl_loop_init = Ident.create_label "expl:loop invariant init"
let _expl_loop_keep = Ident.create_label "expl:loop invariant preservation"
let _expl_loopvar = Ident.create_label "expl:loop variant decrease"
let _expl_variant = Ident.create_label "expl:variant decrease"
let expl_variant = Ident.create_label "expl:variant decrease"
let lab_has_expl = let expl_regexp = Str.regexp "expl:" in
Slab.exists (fun l -> Str.string_match expl_regexp l.lab_string 0)
......@@ -161,12 +166,62 @@ let res_of_xbranch xs vl map out = match vl with
let p = pat_app cs pl v.vs_ty and t = t_var v in
v, map (fun f -> t_case_close t [p, f]) out
(* variant decrease pre-conditions *)
let decrease_alg env loc old_t t =
let oty = t_type old_t and nty = t_type t in
let quit () = Loc.errorm ?loc "no default order for %a" Pretty.print_term t in
let ts = match oty with {ty_node = Tyapp (ts,_)} -> ts | _ -> quit () in
let itd = find_its_defn env.known_map (restore_its ts) in
let get_cs rs = match rs.rs_logic with RLls cs -> cs | _ -> quit () in
let csl = get_cs itd.itd_constructors in
if csl = [] then quit ();
let sbs = ty_match Mtv.empty (ty_app ts ( ty_var ts.ts_args)) oty in
let add_arg fty acc =
let fty = ty_inst sbs fty in
if ty_equal fty nty then
let vs = create_vsymbol (id_fresh "f") nty in
pat_var vs, t_or_simp (t_equ (t_var vs) t) acc
else pat_wild fty, acc in
let add_cs cs =
let pl, f = Lists.map_fold_right add_arg cs.ls_args t_false in
t_close_branch (pat_app cs pl oty) f in
t_case old_t ( add_cs csl)
let decrease_def env loc old_t t =
if ty_equal (t_type old_t) ty_int && ty_equal (t_type t) ty_int
then t_and (ps_app env.ps_int_le [t_nat_const 0; old_t])
(ps_app env.ps_int_lt [t; old_t])
else decrease_alg env loc old_t t
let decrease env loc olds news =
let rec decr olds news = match olds, news with
| (old_t, Some old_r)::olds, (t, Some r)::news
when oty_equal old_t.t_ty t.t_ty && ls_equal old_r r ->
let dt = ps_app r [t; old_t] in
t_or_simp dt (t_and_simp (t_equ old_t t) (decr olds news))
| (old_t, None)::olds, (t, None)::news
when oty_equal old_t.t_ty t.t_ty ->
let dt = decrease_def env loc old_t t in
t_or_simp dt (t_and_simp (t_equ old_t t) (decr olds news))
| (old_t, None)::_, (t, None)::_ ->
decrease_def env loc old_t t
| _ -> t_false in
t_label ?loc Slab.empty (decr olds news)
(* convert user specifications into wp and sp *)
let t_var_or_void v =
if ty_equal v.vs_ty ty_unit then t_void else t_var v
let wp_of_pre lab pl = t_and_l ( (vc_expl lab) pl)
let wp_of_pre ({letrec_ps = lps} as env) loc lab = function
| {t_node = Tapp (ls, tl)} :: pl when Mls.mem ls lps ->
let olds, rels = Mls.find ls lps in
let news = List.combine tl rels in
let p = decrease env loc olds news in
let p = vc_expl expl_variant p in
t_and_l (p :: (vc_expl lab) pl)
| pl -> t_and_l ( (vc_expl lab) pl)
let wp_of_post lab ity = function
| q::ql ->
......@@ -480,7 +535,7 @@ let rec wp_expr env e res q xq = match e.e_node with
let join cq (v,q) = wp_close expl_xpost v cq q in
let w = wp_inter_mexn q join (cty_xpost_real c) xq in
let w = bind_oldies c (wp_havoc env c.cty_effect w) in
vc_label e (wp_and (wp_of_pre expl_pre c.cty_pre) w)
vc_label e (wp_and (wp_of_pre env e.e_loc expl_pre c.cty_pre) w)
| Elet (LDvar ({pv_vs = v}, e0), e1) (* FIXME: what for? *)
when Slab.mem proxy_label v.vs_name.id_label ->
......@@ -550,7 +605,7 @@ and sp_expr env e res xres dst = match e.e_node with
let ne = sp_of_post expl_post res c.cty_post in
let join v ql = sp_of_post expl_xpost v ql in
let ex = inter_mexn join xres (cty_xpost_real c) in
out_label e (wp_of_pre expl_pre c.cty_pre, ne, ex)
out_label e (wp_of_pre env e.e_loc expl_pre c.cty_pre, ne, ex)
| Elet (LDvar ({pv_vs = v}, e0), e1) (* FIXME: what for? *)
when Slab.mem proxy_label v.vs_name.id_label ->
......@@ -675,22 +730,32 @@ and sp_seq env e res xres out eff dst = match e.e_node with
let ex = union_mexn ( adjust ex1) ( shift ex2) in
ok, shift ne2, ex
and vc_fun env c e =
and vc_fun env ?(olds=Mvs.empty) c e =
let p = sp_of_pre expl_pre c.cty_pre in
let args = (fun v -> v.pv_vs) c.cty_args in
(* TODO: let rec with variants
let env =
if c.c_letrec = 0 || c.c_variant = [] then env else
let lab = t_var lab in
let t_at_lab (t,_) = t_app fs_at [t; lab] t.t_ty in
let tl = t_at_lab c.c_variant in
let lrv = Mint.add c.c_letrec tl env.letrec_var in
{ env with letrec_var = lrv } in
let mk_xq xs xq = wp_of_post expl_xpost xs.xs_ity xq in
let r,q = wp_of_post expl_post c.cty_result c.cty_post in
let w = wp_expr env e r q (Mexn.mapi mk_xq c.cty_xpost) in
wp_forall args (sp_implies p (bind_oldies c w))
wp_forall args (sp_implies p (t_subst olds (bind_oldies c w)))
and vc_rec ({letrec_ps = lps} as env) rdl =
let vc_rd {rec_fun = c; rec_varl = varl} =
let e = match c.c_node with Cfun e -> e | _ -> assert false in
if varl = [] then vc_fun env c.c_cty e else
let fpv = Mpv.mapi_filter (fun v _ -> (* oldify mutable vars *)
if ity_immutable v.pv_ity then None else Some (old_of_pv v))
(List.fold_left (fun s (t,_) -> t_freepvs s t) Spv.empty varl) in
let olds = Mpv.fold (fun v o s ->
Mvs.add o.pv_vs (t_var v.pv_vs) s) fpv Mvs.empty in
let news = Mpv.fold (fun v o s ->
Mvs.add v.pv_vs (t_var o.pv_vs) s) fpv Mvs.empty in
let varl = if Mvs.is_empty news then varl else (fun (t,r) -> t_subst news t, r) varl in
let add lps rd = let decr = ls_decr_of_rec_defn rd in
Mls.add (Opt.get decr) (varl, snd rd.rec_varl) lps in
let env = { env with letrec_ps = List.fold_left add lps rdl } in
vc_fun env ~olds c.c_cty e in vc_rd rdl
let mk_vc_decl id f =
let {id_string = nm; id_label = label; id_loc = loc} = id in
......@@ -705,4 +770,8 @@ let vc env kn d = match d.pd_node with
let env = mk_env env kn in
let f = vc_fun env cty e in
[mk_vc_decl s.rs_name f]
| PDlet (LDrec rdl) ->
let env = mk_env env kn in
let fl = vc_rec env rdl in
List.map2 (fun rd f -> mk_vc_decl rd.rec_sym.rs_name f) rdl fl
| _ -> []
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