Commit 5e4507b3 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Expr: be less zealous on term-to-fmla conversion

parent 1f56973a
......@@ -571,15 +571,13 @@ let rec raw_of_expr prop e = match e.e_node with
pure_of_expr prop e
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) when is_e_false e1 && is_e_true e2 ->
t_not (pure_of_expr true e0)
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) when is_e_false e2 ->
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) when prop && is_e_false e2 ->
t_and (pure_of_expr true e0) (pure_of_expr true e1)
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) when is_e_true e1 ->
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) when prop && is_e_true e1 ->
t_or (pure_of_expr true e0) (pure_of_expr true e2)
| Eif (e0,e1,e2) ->
let prop = prop || ity_equal e.e_ity ity_bool in
t_if (pure_of_expr true e0) (pure_of_expr prop e1) (pure_of_expr prop e2)
| Ecase (d,bl) ->
let prop = prop || ity_equal e.e_ity ity_bool in
let conv (p,e) = t_close_branch p.pp_pat (pure_of_expr prop e) in
t_case (pure_of_expr false d) ( conv bl)
| Etry _ | Eraise _ | Eabsurd -> raise Exit
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