Commit 5bd30629 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Expr: letrecs without variants are divergent

parent d7c34bb5
......@@ -832,6 +832,8 @@ let create_rec_defn fdl =
| vl ->
let al = List.fold_left add_a [] vl in
Some (create_lsymbol (id_fresh "DECR") al None) in
let start_eff = if varl1 = [] then
eff_diverge eff_empty else eff_empty in
(* create the first substitution *)
let update sm (s,d,varl,_) =
let c = cty_of_expr d in
......@@ -850,7 +852,7 @@ let create_rec_defn fdl =
(* create the clean psymbol *)
let id = id_clone s.ps_name in
let c = create_cty c.cty_args pre
c.cty_post c.cty_xpost Spv.empty eff_empty c.cty_result in
c.cty_post c.cty_xpost Spv.empty start_eff c.cty_result in
let ns = create_psymbol id ~ghost:s.ps_ghost ~kind:PKnone c in
Mps.add s ns sm, (ns,d) in
let sm, dl = Lists.map_fold_left update Mps.empty fdl in
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