Commit 5760e7db authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: uncovered exceptions have postcondition "true"

parent 50c6d499
- currently every unhandled exception has postcondition "false".
Should it be "true"? Should we allow unhandled exceptions at all?
- currently we require every _global_ effect in a val/any to be
reflected in pre/postconditions (in order to keep the symbols).
We could produce dummy preconditions such as "r = r" for such
effects, but the requirement seems rather reasonable.
- currently every unhandled exception has postcondition "true".
"false" would be a poor choice, as it could introduce inconsistency
in the WPs of the caller. Should we allow unhandled exceptions at all?
- should we produce the WPs for the modules loaded from loadpath?
......@@ -718,6 +718,15 @@ let xpost lenv xq =
Mexn.add_new (DuplicateException xs) xs f m in
List.fold_left add_exn Mexn.empty xq
(* add dummy postconditions for uncovered exceptions *)
let complete_xpost lenv eff xq =
let xq = xpost lenv xq in
let dummy { xs_ity = ity } () =
let v = create_vsymbol (id_fresh "dummy") (ty_of_ity ity) in
Mlw_ty.create_post v t_true in
let xs = Sexn.union eff.eff_raises eff.eff_ghostx in
Mexn.set_union xq (Mexn.mapi dummy (Mexn.set_diff xs xq))
(* TODO: devise a good grammar for effect expressions *)
let rec get_eff_expr lenv { pp_desc = d; pp_loc = loc } = match d with
| Ptree.PPvar (Ptree.Qident {id=x}) when Mstr.mem x lenv.let_vars ->
......@@ -812,7 +821,7 @@ let rec type_c lenv gh svs vars dtyc =
c_pre = create_pre lenv dtyc.dc_pre;
c_effect = eff;
c_post = create_post lenv "result" vty dtyc.dc_post;
c_xpost = xpost lenv dtyc.dc_xpost;
c_xpost = complete_xpost lenv eff dtyc.dc_xpost;
c_variant = [];
c_letrec = 0 } in
(* we add an exception postcondition for %Exit that mentions
......@@ -944,7 +953,7 @@ and expr_desc lenv loc de = match de.de_desc with
| DEabstract (de1, q, xq) ->
let e1 = expr lenv de1 in
let q = create_post lenv "result" e1.e_vty q in
e_abstract e1 q (xpost lenv xq)
e_abstract e1 q (complete_xpost lenv e1.e_effect xq)
| DEassert (ak, f) ->
let ak = match ak with
| Ptree.Aassert -> Aassert
......@@ -1018,19 +1027,12 @@ and expr_lam lenv gh (bl, var, p, de, q, xq) =
let e = e_ghostify gh (expr lenv de) in
if not gh && vty_ghost e.e_vty then
errorm ~loc:de.de_loc "ghost body in a non-ghost function";
let xq =
let dummy_xpost xs () =
let v = create_vsymbol (id_fresh "dummy") (ty_of_ity xs.xs_ity) in
Mlw_ty.create_post v t_false in
let xq = xpost lenv xq in
let xs = Sexn.union e.e_effect.eff_raises e.e_effect.eff_ghostx in
Mexn.set_union xq (Mexn.mapi dummy_xpost (Mexn.set_diff xs xq)) in
{ l_args = pvl;
l_variant = (create_variant lenv) var;
l_pre = create_pre lenv p;
l_expr = e;
l_post = create_post lenv "result" e.e_vty q;
l_xpost = xq; }
l_xpost = complete_xpost lenv e.e_effect xq }
(** Type declaration *)
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