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Commit 575bd165 authored by Mário Pereira's avatar Mário Pereira
parents c5e4ff67 317d51b8
......@@ -92,6 +92,19 @@ For instance, it could be
-I `why3 --print-libdir`/why3 why3extract.cmxa \
To make the compilation process easier, one can write a
\texttt{Makefile} which can include informations about Why3
configuration as follows.
WHY3SHARE=$(shell why3 --print-datadir)
include $(WHY3SHARE)/Makefile.config
ocamlopt $(INCLUDE) $(BIGINTLIB).cmxa why3extract.cmxa \
-o maxsum
%%% Local Variables:
......@@ -20,18 +20,22 @@ ifeq ($(BENCH),yes)
MLW=BacktrackArray Firstorder_symbol_impl ISet Firstorder_term_impl \
MLWTYPES=BacktrackArray Firstorder_symbol_impl ISet Firstorder_term_impl \
Firstorder_formula_impl Firstorder_formula_list_impl \
Firstorder_tableau_impl Unification FormulaTransformations \
Prover ProverMain ProverTest
MLWIMPL=$(MLWTYPES) ProverMain ProverTest
MLTYPES=$(patsubst %,$(BD)/%__Types,$(MLW))
MLIMPL=$(patsubst %,$(BD)/%__Impl,$(MLW))
CMX=$(patsubst %,%.cmx,$(ML))
CMI=$(patsubst %,%.cmi,$(ML))
MLUTIL=$(patsubst %,$(BD)/%__Nat,$(MLWUTIL))
MLTYPES=$(patsubst %,$(BD)/%__Types,$(MLWTYPES))
MLIMPL=$(patsubst %,$(BD)/%__Impl,$(MLWIMPL))
ML=$(patsubst %,,$(MLALL))
CMX=$(patsubst %,%.cmx,$(MLALL))
LIBS=unix.cmxa $(BIGINTLIB).cmxa why3extract.cmxa
......@@ -41,34 +45,37 @@ MLFLAGS=
.PHONY: clean depend extract replay
$(BD)/prover: $(CMX) run.cmx
-o $(BD)/prover $^
$(BD)/ Nat.mlw
why3 $(WHY3FLAGS) extract -D ocaml64 -o $(BD) $< -T Nat
$(BD)/ %.mlw
why3 $(WHY3FLAGS) extract -D ocaml64 -o $(BD) $< -T Types
$(BD)/ %.mlw
why3 $(WHY3FLAGS) extract -D ocaml64 -o $(BD) $< -T Impl
extract: $(ML)
why3 $(WHY3FLAGS) extract -D ocaml64 -o $(BD) ProverTest.mlw
.PHONY: clean depend
depend: .depend
.depend: Makefile $(patsubst %,,$(ML))
ocamldep.opt -I $(BD) $(patsubst %,,$(ML)) > .depend
.depend: Makefile $(ML)
ocamldep.opt -I $(BD) $(ML) > .depend
ifneq "$(MAKECMDGOALS:clean%=clean)" "clean"
ifneq "$(MAKECMDGOALS:extract%=extract)" "extract"
include .depend
for i in $(MLWUTIL) $(MLWIMPL); do \
why3 replay -L . $$i ; \
depend: .depend
rm -f $(BD)/*.o $(BD)/*.cmi $(BD)/*.cmx
rm -f $(BD)/*__*.ml
rm -f *~ *.o *.cmi *.cmx build/prover
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ and pr_term_list fmt tl =
match tl with
| NL_FONil -> fprintf fmt "()"
| NL_FOCons(t,tl) ->
fprintf fmt "@[(%a%a)@]" pr_term t pr_term_list_tail tl
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(%a%a)@]" pr_term t pr_term_list_tail tl
and pr_term_list_tail fmt tl =
match tl with
......@@ -38,21 +38,23 @@ let pr_term_impl fmt t = pr_term fmt t.nlrepr_fo_term_field
let rec pr_formula fmt f =
match f with
| NL_Forall f -> fprintf fmt "@[(forall@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_Exists f -> fprintf fmt "@[(exists@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_And(f1,f2) -> fprintf fmt "@[(%a@ and %a)@]" pr_formula f1 pr_formula f2
| NL_Or(f1,f2) -> fprintf fmt "@[(%a@ or %a)@]" pr_formula f1 pr_formula f2
| NL_Not f -> fprintf fmt "@[(not@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_Forall f -> fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(forall@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_Exists f -> fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(exists@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_And(f1,f2) ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(%a@ and %a)@]" pr_formula f1 pr_formula f2
| NL_Or(f1,f2) ->
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(%a@ or %a)@]" pr_formula f1 pr_formula f2
| NL_Not f -> fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>(not@ %a)@]" pr_formula f
| NL_FTrue -> fprintf fmt "true"
| NL_FFalse -> fprintf fmt "false"
| NL_PApp(s,tl) ->
fprintf fmt "@[%a%a@]" pr_symbol s pr_term_list tl
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>%a%a@]" pr_symbol s pr_term_list tl
and pr_formula_list fmt l =
match l with
| NL_FOFNil -> fprintf fmt "[]"
| NL_FOFCons(f,l) ->
fprintf fmt "@[[%a%a]@]" pr_formula f pr_formula_list_tail l
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 2>[ %a%a ]@]" pr_formula f pr_formula_list_tail l
and pr_formula_list_tail fmt l =
match l with
......@@ -84,6 +86,20 @@ let () =
run_test "bidon4" (ProverTest__Impl.bidon4 ());
run_test "pierce" (ProverTest__Impl.pierce ());
run_test "zenon5" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon5 ());
(* too long run_test "zenon6" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon6 ()); *)
(* too long -> sat ?
run_test "zenon6" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon6 ());
run_test "zenon10 2" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 2));
(* too long run_test "zenon10 3" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 3)) *)
(* too long -> sat !
run_test "zenon10 3" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 3))
run_test "zenon10 4" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 4));
run_test "zenon10 6" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 6));
run_test "zenon10 8" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 8));
run_test "zenon10 10" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 10));
run_test "zenon10 12" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 12));
(* warning: the following needs around 6 minutes *)
run_test "zenon10 14" (ProverTest__Impl.zenon10 (n 14));
printf "End of tests.@."
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