Commit 575398f8 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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histogram: changed appearence, log scale

parent 92c4d1fe
......@@ -376,20 +376,25 @@ let run_one stats r0 r1 fname =
let print_hist stats =
let main_ch = open_out "why3session.gnuplot" in
let main_fmt = formatter_of_out_channel main_ch in
fprintf main_fmt "set logscale y@\n";
fprintf main_fmt "set key rmargin@\n";
let (_:int) =
(fun p h acc ->
let pf = (string_of_int acc) ^ ".plot" in
if acc = 1 then
fprintf main_fmt "plot [0:%.2f] [0:%d]" (2.0 *. stats.max_time)
(stats.nb_root_goals + stats.nb_sub_goals)
fprintf main_fmt "plot [0:%d] [0.01:%.2f] "
(stats.nb_proved_sub_goals + stats.nb_proved_root_goals)
fprintf main_fmt "replot";
fprintf main_fmt " \"%s\" using 1:2 title \"%s\" with linespoints ps 0.2@\n"
fprintf main_fmt " \"%s\" using 2:1 title \"%s\" with linespoints ps 0.2@\n"
pf (string_of_prover p);
let ch = open_out pf in
let fmt = formatter_of_out_channel ch in
fprintf fmt "0.00 0@\n";
let (_ :int) =
(fun t c acc ->
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