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Behavior when exception is called and stack_trace is ON has changed. Now

print the backtrace and exit. Formerly, the exception was caught by GTK.
parent 23cfc266
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ open Itp_server
external reset_gc : unit -> unit = "ml_reset_gc"
let debug = Debug.lookup_flag "ide_info"
let debug_stack_trace = Debug.lookup_flag "stack_trace"
(* Debugging Json protocol *)
......@@ -107,13 +108,37 @@ let send_request r =
(* server instance on the GTK scheduler *)
The gtk scheduler is catching all exceptions avoiding the printing of the
backtrace that is normally done by debug option stack_trace. To recover this
behavior we catch exceptions ourselves. If "stack_trace" is on, we exit on
first exception and print backtrace on standard output otherwise we raise
the exception again (with information on error output).
let backtrace_and_exit f () =
try f () with
| e ->
if Debug.test_flag debug_stack_trace then
Printexc.print_backtrace stdout;
exit 1
Format.eprintf "Following exception %a was catched by Labelgtk."
Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
Format.eprintf "This should not happen. Please report. @.";
raise e
module S = struct
let idle ~prio f =
let (_ : = GMain.Idle.add ~prio f in ()
let (_ : = GMain.Idle.add ~prio (backtrace_and_exit f) in ()
let timeout ~ms f =
let (_ : = GMain.Timeout.add ~ms ~callback:f in
let (_ : =
GMain.Timeout.add ~ms ~callback:(backtrace_and_exit f) in ()
module Server = Itp_server.Make (S) (Protocol_why3ide)
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