Commit 546bdf13 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich Committed by François Bobot
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update and fix some old bugs of mine in Theory

parent ab0bce85
......@@ -45,37 +45,32 @@ let empty_ns = {
exception ClashSymbol of string
let ns_union eq chk m1 m2 =
Mnm.union (fun x k1 k2 ->
if not chk || eq k1 k2
then Some k1
else raise (ClashSymbol x)
) m1 m2
let ns_replace eq chk x vo vn =
if not chk then vn else
if eq vo vn then vo else
raise (ClashSymbol x)
let ns_union eq chk =
Mnm.union (fun x vn vo -> Some (ns_replace eq chk x vo vn))
let rec merge_ns chk ns1 ns2 =
let fusion _ ns1 ns2 = Some (merge_ns chk ns1 ns2) in
{ ns_ts = ns_union ts_equal chk ns1.ns_ts ns2.ns_ts;
ns_ls = ns_union ls_equal chk ns1.ns_ls ns2.ns_ls;
ns_pr = ns_union pr_equal chk ns1.ns_pr ns2.ns_pr;
ns_ns = fusion chk ns1.ns_ns ns2.ns_ns; }
ns_ns = Mnm.union fusion ns1.ns_ns ns2.ns_ns; }
and fusion chk ns1 ns2 =
Mnm.union (fun _ ns1 ns2 -> Some (merge_ns chk ns1 ns2)) ns1 ns2
let nm_add chk x ns m = Mnm.change x (function
| None -> Some ns
| Some os -> Some (merge_ns chk ns os)) m
let ns_add eq chk x v m =
if not chk then Mnm.add x v m
else Mnm.change x (function
| None -> Some v
| Some vm when eq vm v -> Some vm
| _ -> raise (ClashSymbol x)) m
let ns_add eq chk x v m = Mnm.change x (function
| None -> Some v
| Some vo -> Some (ns_replace eq chk x vo v)) m
let ts_add = ns_add ts_equal
let ls_add = ns_add ls_equal
let pr_add = ns_add pr_equal
let nm_add chk x ns m =
Mnm.change x (function
| None -> Some ns
| Some os -> Some (merge_ns chk os ns)) m
let add_ts chk x ts ns = { ns with ns_ts = ts_add chk x ts ns.ns_ts }
let add_ls chk x ls ns = { ns with ns_ls = ls_add chk x ls ns.ns_ls }
......@@ -413,7 +408,6 @@ exception CannotInstantiate of ident
type clones = {
cl_local : Sid.t;
mutable id_local : Sid.t;
mutable ts_table : tysymbol Mts.t;
mutable ls_table : lsymbol Mls.t;
mutable pr_table : prsymbol Mpr.t;
......@@ -421,7 +415,6 @@ type clones = {
let empty_clones s = {
cl_local = s;
id_local = Sid.empty;
ts_table = Mts.empty;
ls_table = Mls.empty;
pr_table = Mpr.empty;
......@@ -435,7 +428,6 @@ let rec cl_find_ts cl ts =
with Not_found ->
let td' = option_map (cl_trans_ty cl) ts.ts_def in
let ts' = create_tysymbol (id_dup ts.ts_name) ts.ts_args td' in
cl.id_local <- Sid.add ts'.ts_name cl.id_local;
cl.ts_table <- Mts.add ts ts' cl.ts_table;
......@@ -448,7 +440,6 @@ let cl_find_ls cl ls =
let ta' = (cl_trans_ty cl) ls.ls_args in
let vt' = option_map (cl_trans_ty cl) ls.ls_value in
let ls' = create_lsymbol (id_dup ls.ls_name) ta' vt' in
cl.id_local <- Sid.add ls'.ls_name cl.id_local;
cl.ls_table <- Mls.add ls ls' cl.ls_table;
......@@ -459,7 +450,6 @@ let cl_find_pr cl pr =
else try Mpr.find pr cl.pr_table
with Not_found ->
let pr' = create_prsymbol (id_dup pr.pr_name) in
cl.id_local <- Sid.add pr'.pr_name cl.id_local;
cl.pr_table <- Mpr.add pr pr' cl.pr_table;
......@@ -611,41 +601,22 @@ let clone_theory cl add_td acc th inst =
let clone_export uc th inst =
let cl = cl_init th inst in
let lc = uc.uc_local in
let uc = clone_theory cl add_tdecl uc th inst in
assert (Sid.equal uc.uc_local (Sid.union lc cl.id_local));
let f_ts n ts ns =
if Sid.mem ts.ts_name th.th_local then
let ts' = Mts.find ts cl.ts_table in
if Sid.mem ts'.ts_name cl.id_local
then add_ts true n ts' ns else ns
else add_ts true n ts ns in
let f_ls n ls ns =
if Sid.mem ls.ls_name th.th_local then
let ls' = Mls.find ls cl.ls_table in
if Sid.mem ls'.ls_name cl.id_local
then add_ls true n ls' ns else ns
else add_ls true n ls ns in
let f_pr n pr ns =
if Sid.mem pr.pr_name th.th_local then
let pr' = Mpr.find pr cl.pr_table in
if Sid.mem pr'.pr_name cl.id_local
then add_pr true n pr' ns else ns
else add_pr true n pr ns in
let rec f_ns n s = add_ns true n (merge_namespace empty_ns s)
and merge_namespace acc ns =
let acc = Mnm.fold f_ts ns.ns_ts acc in
let acc = Mnm.fold f_ls ns.ns_ls acc in
let acc = Mnm.fold f_pr ns.ns_pr acc in
let acc = Mnm.fold f_ns ns.ns_ns acc in acc in
let ns = merge_namespace empty_ns th.th_export in
let g_ts _ ts = not (Mts.mem ts inst.inst_ts) in
let g_ls _ ls = not (Mls.mem ls inst.inst_ls) in
let f_ts ts = Mts.find_default ts ts cl.ts_table in
let f_ls ls = Mls.find_default ls ls cl.ls_table in
let f_pr pr = Mpr.find_default pr pr cl.pr_table in
let rec f_ns ns = {
ns_ts = f_ts (Mnm.filter g_ts ns.ns_ts);
ns_ls = f_ls (Mnm.filter g_ls ns.ns_ls);
ns_pr = f_pr ns.ns_pr;
ns_ns = f_ns ns.ns_ns; } in
let ns = f_ns th.th_export in
match uc.uc_import, uc.uc_export with
| i0 :: sti, e0 :: ste -> { uc with
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