Commit 52dd5bdc authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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parent 5762bb84
......@@ -821,10 +821,12 @@ let spec_check ~full_xpost c ty =
| Some ps -> ignore (ps_app ps [t;t])
| None -> ignore (t_type t) in
List.iter check_variant c.c_variant;
if full_xpost then
let sexn = Sexn.union c.c_effect.eff_raises c.c_effect.eff_ghostx in
if not (Sexn.is_empty (Mexn.set_diff sexn c.c_xpost)) then
raise (UnboundException (Sexn.choose sexn))
if full_xpost && not (Mexn.set_submap c.c_effect.eff_raises c.c_xpost) then
raise (UnboundException
(Sexn.choose (Mexn.set_diff c.c_effect.eff_raises c.c_xpost)));
if full_xpost && not (Mexn.set_submap c.c_effect.eff_ghostx c.c_xpost) then
raise (UnboundException
(Sexn.choose (Mexn.set_diff c.c_effect.eff_ghostx c.c_xpost)))
(** program variables *)
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