Commit 526e31f6 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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add unsafe memoization to eval_match

parent 7cbe147e
......@@ -130,22 +130,27 @@ let is_algebraic_type kn ty = match ty.ty_node with
| Tyapp (ts, _) -> find_constructors kn ts <> []
| Tyvar _ -> false
(* The following memoization by function definition is unsafe,
since the same definition can be used in different contexts.
If we could produce the record updates {| x with field = v |}
that were linear (by eliminating occurrences of x.field in v),
inline_nonrec_linear might not call eval_match at all and so
be independent of the context. FIXME/TODO *)
let inline_cache = Wdecl.create 17
let rec inline_nonrec_linear kn ls tyl ty =
let d = Mid.find ls.ls_name kn in
(* at least one actual parameter (or the result) has an algebraic type *)
List.exists (is_algebraic_type kn) (oty_cons tyl ty) &&
(* and ls is not recursively defined and is linear *)
let d = Mid.find ls.ls_name kn in
match d.d_node with
| Dlogic dl ->
let no_occ (ls', def) = match def with
| None ->
| Some def ->
let _, t = open_ls_defn def in
let eval = eval_match ~inline:inline_nonrec_linear in
not (t_s_any Util.ffalse (ls_equal ls) t) &&
(not (ls_equal ls ls') || linear (eval kn t))
List.for_all no_occ dl
| _ ->
| Dlogic [_, Some def] ->
begin try Wdecl.find inline_cache d with Not_found ->
let _, t = open_ls_defn def in
let res = not (t_s_any Util.ffalse (ls_equal ls) t) &&
linear (eval_match ~inline:inline_nonrec_linear kn t) in
Wdecl.set inline_cache d res;
| _ -> false
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