Commit 5128d367 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

introduce_premises: preserve explanations

Detect and push down the VC explanations during introduce_premises.
parent 7dda0a91
......@@ -71,12 +71,17 @@ let intro_var subst ({vs_name = id; vs_ty = ty} as vs) =
Mvs.add vs (fs_app ls [] ty) subst,
create_param_decl ls
let rec intros kn pr f =
let rec intros kn pr expl f =
let is_expl a = Strings.has_prefix "expl:" a.attr_string in
let fexpl = Sattr.filter is_expl f.t_attrs in
let expl = if Sattr.is_empty fexpl then expl else fexpl in
let move_expl f = if Sattr.is_empty fexpl && not (Sattr.is_empty expl)
then t_attr_add (Sattr.min_elt expl) f else f in
match f.t_node with
(* (f2 \/ True) => _ *)
| Tbinop (Timplies,{ t_node = Tbinop (Tor,f2,{ t_node = Ttrue }) },_)
when Sattr.mem Term.asym_split f2.t_attrs ->
[create_prop_decl Pgoal pr f]
[create_prop_decl Pgoal pr (move_expl f)]
| Tbinop (Timplies,f1,f2) ->
(* split f1 *)
(* f is going to be removed, preserve its attributes and location in f2 *)
......@@ -91,20 +96,20 @@ let rec intros kn pr f =
let d = create_prop_decl Paxiom prx (t_subst subst f) in
subst, d::dl in
let _, fl = List.fold_left add (Mvs.empty, []) fl in
List.rev_append fl (intros kn pr f2)
List.rev_append fl (intros kn pr expl f2)
| Tquant (Tforall,fq) ->
let vsl,_trl,f_t = t_open_quant fq in
let subst, dl = Lists.map_fold_left intro_var Mvs.empty vsl in
(* preserve attributes and location of f *)
let f = t_attr_copy f (t_subst subst f_t) in
dl @ intros kn pr f
dl @ intros kn pr expl f
| Tlet (t,fb) ->
let vs,f = t_open_bound fb in
let ls = create_lsymbol (id_clone vs.vs_name) [] (Some vs.vs_ty) in
let f = t_subst_single vs (fs_app ls [] vs.vs_ty) f in
let d = create_logic_decl [make_ls_defn ls [] t] in
d :: intros kn pr f
| _ -> [create_prop_decl Pgoal pr f]
d :: intros kn pr expl f
| _ -> [create_prop_decl Pgoal pr (move_expl f)]
let intros ?known_map pr f =
let tvs = t_ty_freevars Stv.empty f in
......@@ -112,7 +117,8 @@ let intros ?known_map pr f =
let tvm = Mtv.mapi mk_ts tvs in
let decls = create_ty_decl tvm in
let subst = (fun ts -> ty_app ts []) tvm in
Mtv.values decls @ intros known_map pr (t_ty_subst subst Mvs.empty f)
let f = t_ty_subst subst Mvs.empty f in
Mtv.values decls @ intros known_map pr Sattr.empty f
let introduce_premises = (fun t ->
let known_map = Task.task_known t in
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