Commit 50f410a8 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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treat correctly the triggers in "eliminate_if"

parent 6d11889d
......@@ -24,32 +24,38 @@ open Decl
(* eliminate if-then-else in terms *)
let rec elim_t case letl contT t = match t.t_node with
let rec elim_t letl contT t = match t.t_node with
| Tlet (t1,tb) ->
let u,t2 = t_open_bound tb in
let t_let e1 e2 =
if e1 == t1 && e2 == t2 then t else t_let u e1 e2
let cont_in t1 t2 = contT (t_let t1 t2) in
let cont_let t1 = elim_t case ((u,t1)::letl) (cont_in t1) t2 in
elim_t case letl cont_let t1
| Tcase _ ->
t_map_cont (elim_t (Some t) letl) elim_f contT t
| Tif _ when case <> None ->
Register.unsupportedExpression (Term (of_option case))
"cannot eliminate 'if-then-else' under 'match' in terms"
let cont_let t1 = elim_t ((u,t1)::letl) (cont_in t1) t2 in
elim_t letl cont_let t1
| Tif (f,t1,t2) ->
let f = elim_f (fun f -> f) f in
let f = List.fold_left (fun f (v,t) -> f_let v t f) f letl in
f_if f (elim_t case letl contT t1) (elim_t case letl contT t2)
f_if f (elim_t letl contT t1) (elim_t letl contT t2)
| Tcase _ ->
Register.unsupportedExpression (Term t)
"cannot eliminate 'if-then-else' under 'match' in terms"
| _ ->
t_map_cont (elim_t case letl) elim_f contT t
t_map_cont (elim_t letl) elim_f contT t
and elim_f contF f = match f.f_node with
| Fapp _ | Flet _ | Fcase _ ->
contF (f_map_cont (elim_t None []) elim_f (fun f -> f) f)
| _ ->
f_map_cont (fun _ _ -> assert false) elim_f contF f
contF (f_map_cont (elim_t []) elim_f (fun f -> f) f)
| _ -> f_map_cont elim_tr elim_f contF f
(* the only terms we can still meet in a formula are the terms
* in triggers. Since we cannot eliminate 'if' in a trigger term
* (and we shouldn't have one in the first place), we will simply
* replace it with a fresh variable and let the prover sort it out. *)
and elim_tr contT t = match t.t_node with
| Tif _ -> contT (t_var (create_vsymbol (id_fresh "if") t.t_ty))
| _ -> t_map_cont elim_tr elim_f contT t
let elim_f f = elim_f (fun f -> f) f
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