Commit 4ed9a14d authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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protect some exception catching with not Debug.stack_trace

parent e76c9a52
......@@ -822,7 +822,7 @@ let sched =
session_needs_saving := false;
current_env_session := Some env;
with e ->
with e when not (Debug.test_flag Debug.stack_trace) ->
eprintf "@[Error while opening session:@ %a@.@]"
Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
exit 1
......@@ -1556,7 +1556,8 @@ let read_xml_and_shapes xml_fn compressed_fn =
let xml = Xml.from_file ~fixattrs:(fix_attributes ch) xml_fn in
xml, !use_shapes
e -> C.close_in ch; raise e
e when not (Debug.test_flag Debug.stack_trace) ->
C.close_in ch; raise e
module ReadShapesNoCompress = ReadShapes(Compress.Compress_none)
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