Commit 4daf3b17 authored by Simon Cruanes's avatar Simon Cruanes
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removed debug messages in explicit_polymorphism

parent e05064c1
(* Why driver for tptp first-order logic solvers *)
prelude "% this is a prelude for tptp solvers"
prelude "% this is a why prelude for tptp solvers"
printer "tptp"
filename "%f-%t-%g.p"
......@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ transformation "eliminate_let"
transformation "explicit_polymorphism"
(* TODO : transformation to eliminate types *)
theory BuiltIn
syntax type int "Int"
......@@ -141,9 +141,9 @@ module Utils = struct
to types in [right]. [tv_to_ty] is a mapping given in argument.
It must be compliant with the unification between [left] and [right] *)
let rec find_matching_vars tv_to_ty left right =
Format.eprintf "matching @[%a@] with @[%a@]@."
(* Format.eprintf "matching @[%a@] with @[%a@]@."
(Debug.print_list Pretty.print_ty) left
(Debug.print_list Pretty.print_ty) right;
(Debug.print_list Pretty.print_ty) right; *)
assert (List.length left = List.length right);
let tv_to_ty = List.fold_left2 ty_match tv_to_ty left right in
(* Format.eprintf "gives @[%a@]@."
......@@ -346,14 +346,14 @@ end
symbols) and a declaration, and returns the corresponding declaration in
explicit polymorphism logic. *)
let decl_transform tblT tblL d =
Format.eprintf "%a@." Pretty.print_decl d;
(*Format.eprintf "%a@." Pretty.print_decl d; *)
let result = match d.d_node with
| Dind _inds ->
failwith "Dind : should not have inductives declarations at this point !"
| Dtype tys -> Transform.type_transform tblT tys
| Dlogic decls -> Transform.logic_transform tblL decls
| Dprop prop -> Transform.prop_transform tblT tblL prop in
Format.eprintf "===@.%a@.@." (Debug.print_list Pretty.print_decl) result;
(* Format.eprintf "===@.%a@.@." (Debug.print_list Pretty.print_decl) result;*)
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