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Commit 4abfee88 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

update "bench" and "test" targets for the new main.ml

parent e05b9a31
......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ clean::
bench:: bin/why.@OCAMLBEST@ bin/whyml.@OCAMLBEST@
sh bench/bench \
"bin/why.@OCAMLBEST@ -I theories" \
"bin/why.@OCAMLBEST@" \
"bin/whyml.@OCAMLBEST@ -I theories"
BENCH_PLUGINS_CMO := helloworld.cmo simplify_array.cmo
......@@ -383,12 +383,12 @@ BENCH_PLUGINS_CMO := $(addprefix bench/plugins/,$(BENCH_PLUGINS_CMO))
bench_plugins:: $(BENCH_PLUGINS_CMO) $(BENCH_PLUGINS_CMXS) byte $(TOOLS)
bin/why.byte -D bench/plugins/helloworld.drv -I theories/ \
src/test.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.$(OCAMLBEST) -D bench/plugins/helloworld.drv -I theories/ \
src/test.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.$(OCAMLBEST) -D bench/plugins/simplify_array.drv -I theories/ \
src/test.why -t Test_simplify_array -g G
bin/why.byte -D bench/plugins/helloworld.drv \
tests/test-jcf.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.$(OCAMLBEST) -D bench/plugins/helloworld.drv \
tests/test-jcf.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.$(OCAMLBEST) -D bench/plugins/simplify_array.drv \
tests/test-jcf.why -t Test_simplify_array -g G
# test targets
......@@ -396,16 +396,11 @@ bench_plugins:: $(BENCH_PLUGINS_CMO) $(BENCH_PLUGINS_CMXS) byte $(TOOLS)
test: bin/why.byte $(TOOLS)
mkdir -p output_why3
ocamlrun -bt bin/why.byte -I theories/ -D drivers/why3.drv \
-o output_why3 src/test.why
bin/why.byte -D drivers/alt_ergo.drv -I theories/ \
src/test.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.byte -D drivers/alt_ergo.drv -I theories/ \
--timeout 3 --prove src/test.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.byte -D drivers/coq.drv -I theories/ \
src/test.why -t Test -g G
echo bin/why.byte -D drivers/alt_ergo.drv -I theories/ \
--timeout 1 --prove theories/real.why
bin/why.byte -D drivers/why3.drv -o output_why3 tests/test-jcf.why
bin/why.byte -D drivers/alt_ergo.drv tests/test-jcf.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.byte -P alt-ergo --timelimit 3 tests/test-jcf.why -t Test -g G
bin/why.byte -D drivers/coq.drv tests/test-jcf.why -t Test -g G
echo bin/why.byte -P alt-ergo --timelimit 1 --prove theories/real.why
@printf "*** Checking Coq file generation ***\\n"
@mkdir -p output_coq
@for i in int.Abs int.EuclideanDivision int.ComputerDivision \
......@@ -413,14 +408,13 @@ test: bin/why.byte $(TOOLS)
real.ExpLogTest real.PowerTest real.TrigonometryTest \
floating_point.Test array.TestBv32 \
; do \
printf "Generating Coq file for $$i\\n" && bin/why.byte \
-D drivers/coq.drv -I theories/ \
-o output_coq -t $$i ; done
printf "Generating Coq file for $$i\\n" && \
bin/why.byte -P coq -o output_coq -t $$i ; done
@printf "*** Checking Coq compilation ***\\n"
@for i in output_coq/*.v; do printf "coq $$i\\n" && coqc $$i ; done
testl: bin/whyml.byte
ocamlrun -bt bin/whyml.byte -I theories/ src/programs/test.mlw
ocamlrun -bt bin/whyml.byte -I theories/ tests/test-pgm-jcf.mlw
examples/programs/%: bin/whyml.byte
bin/whyml.byte -I theories examples/programs/$*.mlw
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