Commit 4a39a6b4 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: effect instantiation

parent 7bb09b44
......@@ -430,22 +430,42 @@ let eff_assign e r ty =
(* assignment cannot instantiate type variables *)
if not (Mtv.is_empty sub.ity_subst_tv) then
raise (TypeMismatch (r.reg_ity,ty));
let sub = sub.ity_subst_reg in
(* r:t[r1,r2] <- t[r1,r1] introduces an alias *)
let add_right _ v s = Sreg.add_new (IllegalAlias v) v s in
ignore (Mreg.fold add_right sub Sreg.empty);
ignore (Mreg.fold add_right sub.ity_subst_reg Sreg.empty);
(* every region on the rhs must be erased *)
let add_right k v m = if reg_equal k v then m else Mreg.add v None m in
let reset = Mreg.fold add_right sub Mreg.empty in
let reset = Mreg.fold add_right sub.ity_subst_reg Mreg.empty in
(* ...except those which occur on the lhs : they are preserved under r *)
let add_left k v m = if reg_equal k v then m else Mreg.add v (Some r) m in
let reset = Mreg.fold add_left sub reset in
let reset = Mreg.fold add_left sub.ity_subst_reg reset in
{ e with eff_resets = Mreg.union join_reset e.eff_resets reset }
let eff_remove_raise e x = { e with eff_raises = Sexn.remove x e.eff_raises }
let eff_full_inst _s _ef =
assert false (*TODO*)
let eff_full_inst s e =
let s = s.ity_subst_reg in
(* modified or reset regions in e *)
let wr = (Util.const ()) e.eff_resets in
let wr = Sreg.union e.eff_writes wr in
(* read-only regions in e *)
let ro = Sreg.diff e.eff_reads wr in
(* all modified or reset regions are instantiated into distinct regions *)
let add_affected r acc =
let r = Mreg.find r s in Sreg.add_new (IllegalAlias r) r acc in
let wr = Sreg.fold add_affected wr Sreg.empty in
(* all read-only regions are instantiated outside wr *)
let add_readonly r =
let r = Mreg.find r s in if Sreg.mem r wr then raise (IllegalAlias r) in
Sreg.iter add_readonly ro;
(* calculate instantiated effect *)
let add_inst r acc = Sreg.add (Mreg.find r s) acc in
let reads = Sreg.fold add_inst e.eff_reads Sreg.empty in
let writes = Sreg.fold add_inst e.eff_writes Sreg.empty in
let add_inst r v acc =
Mreg.add (Mreg.find r s) (option_map (fun v -> Mreg.find v s) v) acc in
let resets = Mreg.fold add_inst e.eff_resets Mreg.empty in
{ e with eff_reads = reads ; eff_writes = writes ; eff_resets = resets }
(* program variables *)
type pvsymbol = {
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