Commit 4730356d authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard
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update CHANGES

parent d770b304
* marks an incompatible change
* Add new logical connectives "by" and "so" as keywords
* add a command-line option --extra-expl-prefix to specify
additional possible prefixes for VC explanations. (Available for
why3 commands "prove" and "ide".)
* All split transformations respect the "stop_split" label now.
split_*_wp is a synonym for split_*_right
* split_*_right split the left-hand side subformulas
when they carry the "case_split" label
* split_intro is now the composition of split_goal_right and
* improved bitvectors theories
* Renamed functions in Split_goal
* split_intro moved to Introduction
* When a task has no polymorphic object (except for the special
cases of equality and maps) then the translation to SMT-LIB
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