fixed refinement of record types (ghost fields)

parent a5152b0a
......@@ -599,7 +599,7 @@ let clone_type_record cl s d s' d' =
let pj' = Opt.get rs'.rs_field in
let pj'_ity = pj'.pv_ity in
let pj'_ght = pj'.pv_ghost in
if not (ity_equal pj_ity pj'_ity && pj_ght = pj'_ght) then
if not (ity_equal pj_ity pj'_ity && (pj_ght || not pj'_ght)) then
raise (BadInstance id);
let ls, ls' = ls_of_rs rs, ls_of_rs rs' in
cl.ls_table <- Mls.add ls ls' cl.ls_table;
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