Commit 41fe3f5a authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich Committed by Guillaume Melquiond
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Pmodule: fix a type error in cloning. Fixes #214

parent dda5aa3c
......@@ -793,8 +793,8 @@ let rec clone_expr cl sm e = e_attr_copy e (match e.e_node with
e_for v'
(e_var (sm_find_pv sm f)) dir (e_var (sm_find_pv sm t))
i' (clone_invl cl ism invl) (clone_expr cl ism e)
| Eraise (xs, e) ->
e_raise (sm_find_xs sm xs) (clone_expr cl sm e) (clone_ity cl e.e_ity)
| Eraise (xs, e1) ->
e_raise (sm_find_xs sm xs) (clone_expr cl sm e1) (clone_ity cl e.e_ity)
| Eexn ({xs_name = id; xs_mask = mask; xs_ity = ity} as xs, e) ->
let xs' = create_xsymbol (id_clone id) ~mask (clone_ity cl ity) in
e_exn xs' (clone_expr cl (sm_save_xs sm xs xs') e)
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