Commit 4054a389 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Dexpr: report an error on non-specified divergence

parent 29cf9fdd
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ exception E
let rec f (x:int) : int
raises { E }
= if x = 42 then raise E else
let n = f (x-1) in
......@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ let check_spec dsp ecty e =
weff.eff_writes eff.eff_writes) in
let bad_raise xeff eff = not (Sexn.subset xeff.eff_raises eff.eff_raises) in
(* computed effect vs user effect *)
let check_rwd = dsp.ds_checkrw in
let check_rw = dsp.ds_checkrw in
let uwrl, ue = effect_of_dspec dsp in
let ucty = create_cty ecty.cty_args ecty.cty_pre ecty.cty_post
ecty.cty_xpost ecty.cty_oldies ue ecty.cty_result in
......@@ -843,18 +843,18 @@ let check_spec dsp ecty e =
if ueff.eff_oneway && not eeff.eff_oneway then Loc.errorm ?loc:e.e_loc
"this@ expression@ does@ not@ diverge";
(* check that every computed effect is listed *)
if check_rwd && not (Spv.subset erds urds) then Spv.iter (fun v ->
if check_rw && not (Spv.subset erds urds) then Spv.iter (fun v ->
Loc.errorm ?loc:e.e_loc
"this@ expression@ depends@ on@ variable@ %a@ left@ out@ in@ \
the@ specification" Pretty.print_vs v.pv_vs) (Spv.diff erds urds);
if check_rwd && bad_write eeff ueff then
if check_rw && bad_write eeff ueff then
Loc.errorm ?loc:(e_locate_effect (fun eff -> bad_write eff ueff) e)
"this@ expression@ produces@ an@ unlisted@ write@ effect";
if ecty.cty_args <> [] && bad_raise eeff ueff then Sexn.iter (fun xs ->
Loc.errorm ?loc:(e_locate_effect (fun eff -> Sexn.mem xs eff.eff_raises) e)
"this@ expression@ raises@ unlisted@ exception@ %a"
print_xs xs) (Sexn.diff eeff.eff_raises ueff.eff_raises);
if check_rwd && eeff.eff_oneway && not ueff.eff_oneway then
if eeff.eff_oneway && not ueff.eff_oneway then
Loc.errorm ?loc:(e_locate_effect (fun eff -> eff.eff_oneway) e)
"this@ expression@ may@ diverge,@ but@ this@ is@ not@ \
stated@ in@ the@ specification"
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