Commit 3fb5845a authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: make at/old accessible in assertions and invariants

parent aabb2afe
......@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ type lenv = {
let create_lenv uc = {
mod_uc = uc;
mod_uc = use_export_theory uc Mlw_wp.th_mark;
let_vars = Mstr.empty;
log_vars = Mstr.empty;
log_denv = Typing.denv_empty;
......@@ -581,10 +581,8 @@ let create_post lenv x ty f =
let res = create_vsymbol (id_fresh x) ty in
let log_vars = Mstr.add x res lenv.log_vars in
let log_denv = Typing.add_var x (dty_of_ty ty) lenv.log_denv in
(* FIXME? We could add th_mark in create_lenv, but then at/old
would be available in preconditions, variants, etc... *)
let th = Theory.use_export (get_theory lenv.mod_uc) Mlw_wp.th_mark in
create_post res (Typing.type_fmla th log_denv log_vars f)
let f = Typing.type_fmla (get_theory lenv.mod_uc) log_denv log_vars f in
create_post res f
let create_pre lenv f =
Typing.type_fmla (get_theory lenv.mod_uc) lenv.log_denv lenv.log_vars f
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