Commit 3ec03aa4 authored by Francois Bobot's avatar Francois Bobot
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pour ocaml 3.10 pour le dynlink

parent bf4646f0
......@@ -481,7 +481,8 @@ AC_SUBST(PSVIEWER)
# Finally create the Makefile from
dnl AC_OUTPUT(Makefile)
AC_OUTPUT(Makefile bench/bench)
AC_CONFIG_FILES(Makefile bench/bench src/output/
chmod a-w Makefile
chmod a-w bench/bench
chmod a+x bench/bench
......@@ -165,7 +165,22 @@ let () =
module Dynlink =
let is_native = true
open Dynlink
let is_native1 = is_native
let is_native = false
include Dynlink
let is_native2 = is_native
let is_native_not_defined = is_native1 <> is_native2
exception Cantloadplugin
let load_plugin dir (byte,nat) =
if Dynlink.is_native_not_defined then raise Cantloadplugin;
let file = if Dynlink.is_native then nat else byte in
let file = Filename.concat dir file in
Dynlink.loadfile_private file
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