Commit 3e532a25 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Pmodule: fix merge_ps (bad order of operations)

parent 51e1d35f
......@@ -85,14 +85,17 @@ let merge_ps chk x vo vn =
(* once again, no way to export notation *)
| _, OO _ -> assert false
(* but we can merge two compatible symbols *)
| RS r1, RS r2 when not (rs_equal r1 r2) ->
| RS r1, RS r2 ->
if rs_equal r1 r2 then vo else
if not (same_overload r1 r2) then vn else
if ity_equal (fsty r1) (fsty r2) then vn else
OO (Srs.add r2 (Srs.singleton r1))
(* or add a compatible symbol to notation *)
| OO s1, RS r2 ->
let r1 = Srs.choose s1 and ty = fsty r2 in
if Srs.mem r2 s1 then vo else
let r1 = Srs.choose s1 in
if not (same_overload r1 r2) then vn else
let ty = fsty r2 in
let confl r = not (ity_equal (fsty r) ty) in
let s1 = Srs.filter confl s1 in
if Srs.is_empty s1 then vn else
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