Commit 3c216890 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Fixed replace.

parent af179fa0
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ let replace t1 t2 h =
failwith "Terms provided are not of the same type @."
(* Create a new goal for equality of the two terms *)
let g = Decl.create_prop_decl Decl.Pgoal h (t_app_infer ps_equ [t1; t2]) in
let g = Decl.create_prop_decl Decl.Pgoal (create_prsymbol (gen_ident "G")) (t_app_infer ps_equ [t1; t2]) in
let ng = Trans.goal (fun _ _ -> [g]) in
let g = Trans.decl (fun d ->
match d.d_node with
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