Commit 3a8f5e2d authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Ity: fix two bugs

parent eb382b10
......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ let ity_r_occurs reg ity = Util.any ity_r_fold (reg_r_occurs reg) ity
let ity_r_stale reg cvr ity = Util.any ity_r_fold (reg_r_stale reg cvr) ity
let ity_immutable ity = not ity.ity_pure
let ity_immutable ity = ity.ity_pure
(* detect non-ghost type variables and regions *)
......@@ -493,13 +493,14 @@ let create_itysymbol name args pri mut regs fld def =
(* each updatable type variable is updatable in [regs], [fld], and [def] *)
let rec nonupd acc upd ity = match ity.ity_node with
| _ when not upd -> ity_freevars acc ity
| Itypur (s,tl) | Ityapp (s,tl,_)
| Ityreg {reg_its = s; reg_args = tl} ->
List.fold_left2 nonupd acc s.its_arg_upd tl
| Ityvar _ -> acc in
| Ityreg {reg_its = s; reg_args = tl}
| Ityapp (s,tl,_) | Itypur (s,tl) -> nu_args acc s tl
| Ityvar _ -> acc
and nu_args acc {its_arg_upd = ul} tl =
List.fold_left2 nonupd acc ul tl in
let nu_ity acc ity = nonupd acc true ity in
let nu_fld pv acc = nu_ity acc pv.pv_ity in
let nu_reg acc r = List.fold_left nu_ity acc r.reg_args in
let nu_reg acc r = nu_args acc r.reg_its r.reg_args in
let nu = List.fold_left nu_reg Stv.empty regs in
let nu = Spv.fold nu_fld fld nu in
let nu = Opt.fold nu_ity nu def in
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