Commit 33beb7e0 authored by David Hauzar's avatar David Hauzar

The context information is added to names of variables introduced by wp

displayed in any case (even if the debug flag whyml_wp is not given).
parent f4f2c2dc
......@@ -339,10 +339,8 @@ let create_model_data ?loc ?context_labels append_to_model_trace =
let mk_var id ty md =
let new_labels = if Debug.test_flag debug then
append_to_model_trace_label ~labels:id.id_label ~to_append:md.md_append_to_model_trace
id.id_label in
let new_labels =
append_to_model_trace_label ~labels:id.id_label ~to_append:md.md_append_to_model_trace in
create_vsymbol (id_fresh ~label:new_labels ?loc:md.md_loc id.id_string) ty
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