Commit 33718e00 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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Revert "[Why3session] fix the time computed by info --hist"

       The behavior was the one intended

This reverts commit 1958def8.
parent df5a2a31
......@@ -403,13 +403,14 @@ let print_hist stats =
" \"%s\" using 2:1 title \"%s\" with linespoints ps 0.2@\n"
pf (string_of_prover p);
let fmt = formatter_of_out_channel ch in
let (_ : int) =
let (_ : float * int) =
(fun t c accc ->
(fun t c (acct,accc) ->
let accc = c + accc in
fprintf fmt "%.2f %d@\n" t accc;
h 0
let acct = t +. acct in
fprintf fmt "%.2f %d@\n" acct accc;
h (0.0,0)
fprintf fmt "@.";
close_out ch;
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