Commit 32c45d99 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Dexpr: "let lemma" is automatically ghost

parent 9a12f82b
......@@ -1245,9 +1245,10 @@ and sym_defn uloc env ghost (id,gh,kind,de) =
and rec_defn uloc env ghost {fds = dfdl} =
let step1 env (id, gh, kind, bl, mask, dsp, dvl, ({de_dvty = dvty} as de)) =
let pvl = binders bl in
let ghost = gh || ghost || kind = RKlemma in
let ity = Loc.try1 ?loc:de.de_loc ity_of_dity (dity_of_dvty dvty) in
let cty = create_cty ~mask pvl [] [] Mexn.empty Mpv.empty eff_empty ity in
let rs = create_rsymbol id ~ghost:(gh || ghost) ~kind:RKnone cty in
let rs = create_rsymbol id ~ghost ~kind:RKnone cty in
add_rsymbol env rs, (rs, kind, mask, dsp, dvl, de) in
let env, fdl = Lists.map_fold_left step1 env dfdl in
let step2 (rs, kind, mask, dsp, dvl, de) (fdl,dspl) =
......@@ -1300,6 +1301,7 @@ let rec mask_of_fun de = match de.de_node with
let let_defn ?(keep_loc=true) (id, ghost, kind, de) =
let uloc = if keep_loc then None else Some None in
let {pre_name = nm; pre_loc = loc} = id in
let ghost = ghost || kind = RKlemma in
match kind, de.de_dvty with
| _, (_::_, _) ->
let cgh, ldl, c = cexp uloc env_empty false de [] in
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