Commit 32b7287f authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Pmodule: fix unit_module

parent 17260fb4
......@@ -318,8 +318,10 @@ let unit_module =
let uc = empty_module None (id_fresh "Unit") ["why3";"Unit"] in
let uc = use_export uc (tuple_module 0) in
let td = create_alias_decl (id_fresh "unit") [] ity_unit in
let uc = add_pdecl uc (create_type_decl [td]) in
close_module uc
let pd = create_type_decl [td] in
let uc = add_pdecl uc pd in
let th = List.fold_left add_decl uc.muc_theory pd.pd_pure in
close_module { uc with muc_theory = th }
let create_module env ?(path=[]) n =
let m = empty_module (Some env) n path in
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