Commit 32a7adc2 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

keep the blacklist on ident_printer reset

parent 27704784
......@@ -83,8 +83,12 @@ let rec id_from_user i =
(** Unique names for pretty printing *)
type ident_printer =
(string, int) Hashtbl.t * (int, string) Hashtbl.t * (string -> string)
type ident_printer = {
indices : (string, int) Hashtbl.t;
values : (int, string) Hashtbl.t;
sanitizer : string -> string;
blacklist : string list;
let rec find_index indices name ind =
if Hashtbl.mem indices (name ^ string_of_int ind)
......@@ -100,35 +104,40 @@ let find_unique indices name =
Hashtbl.replace indices name 0;
let reserve indices name = ignore (find_unique indices name)
let same x = x
let create_ident_printer ?(sanitizer = same) sl =
let indices = Hashtbl.create 1997 in
let block n = ignore (find_unique indices n) in
List.iter block sl;
indices, Hashtbl.create 1997, sanitizer
List.iter (reserve indices) sl;
{ indices = indices;
values = Hashtbl.create 1997;
sanitizer = sanitizer;
blacklist = sl }
let id_unique (indices,values,san0) ?(sanitizer = same) id =
let id_unique printer ?(sanitizer = same) id =
Hashtbl.find values id.id_tag
Hashtbl.find printer.values id.id_tag
with Not_found ->
let name = sanitizer (san0 id.id_long) in
let name = find_unique indices name in
Hashtbl.replace values id.id_tag name;
let name = sanitizer (printer.sanitizer id.id_long) in
let name = find_unique printer.indices name in
Hashtbl.replace printer.values id.id_tag name;
let string_unique printer s =
id_unique printer (id_register (id_fresh s))
let string_unique printer s = find_unique printer.indices s
let forget_id (indices,values,_) id =
let forget_id printer id =
let name = Hashtbl.find values id.id_tag in
Hashtbl.remove indices name;
Hashtbl.remove values id.id_tag
let name = Hashtbl.find printer.values id.id_tag in
Hashtbl.remove printer.indices name;
Hashtbl.remove printer.values id.id_tag
with Not_found -> ()
let forget_all (indices,values,_) =
Hashtbl.clear indices; Hashtbl.clear values
let forget_all printer =
Hashtbl.clear printer.indices;
Hashtbl.clear printer.values;
List.iter (reserve printer.indices) printer.blacklist
(** Sanitizers *)
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