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Commit 32499800 authored by Mário Pereira's avatar Mário Pereira

pmodule: minor

parent 95953af5
......@@ -935,7 +935,7 @@ let clone_pdecl inst cl uc d = match d.pd_node with
let add uc d = add_pdecl ~warn:false ~vc:false uc d in
List.fold_left add uc (create_type_decl tdl)
| PDlet (LDsym (rs, c)) when Mrs.mem rs inst.mi_rs ->
(* refine only [val] symbols *)
(* refine only [val] symbols *)
let cty = match c.c_node with (* cty for [val constant] is not c.c_cty *)
| Cany -> c.c_cty
| Cfun {e_node = Eexec ({c_node = Cany}, cty)} -> cty
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