Commit 323ddc94 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

session files compressed further by factorizing timelimit,memlimit

parent 2fb991e2
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This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
<!ATTLIST prover version CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST prover alternative CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST prover timelimit CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST prover memlimit CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ELEMENT file (theory*)>
......@@ -449,11 +449,37 @@ let get_session_proof_attempt pa = get_session_goal pa.proof_parent
let get_used_provers session =
let sprover = ref Sprover.empty in
(fun pa -> sprover := Sprover.add pa.proof_prover !sprover)
let get_used_provers_with_stats session =
let prover_table = PHprover.create 5 in
(fun pa ->
(* record mostly used pa.proof_timelimit pa.proof_memlimit *)
let prover = pa.proof_prover in
let timelimits,memlimits =
try PHprover.find prover_table prover
with Not_found ->
let x = (Hashtbl.create 5,Hashtbl.create 5) in
PHprover.add prover_table prover x;
let tf =
try Hashtbl.find timelimits pa.proof_timelimit
with Not_found -> 0
let mf =
try Hashtbl.find memlimits pa.proof_timelimit
with Not_found -> 0
Hashtbl.replace timelimits pa.proof_timelimit (tf+1);
Hashtbl.replace memlimits pa.proof_memlimit (mf+1))
exception NoTask
let goal_task g = Opt.get_exn NoTask g.goal_task
......@@ -482,7 +508,7 @@ let save_string fmt s =
let save_result fmt r =
fprintf fmt "@\n<result status=\"%s\" time=\"%.2f\"/>"
fprintf fmt "@\n<result@ status=\"%s\"@ time=\"%.2f\"/>"
(match r.Call_provers.pr_answer with
| Call_provers.Valid -> "valid"
| Call_provers.Failure _ -> "failure"
......@@ -500,7 +526,7 @@ let save_status fmt s =
| Scheduled | Running | Interrupted | JustEdited ->
fprintf fmt "@\n<undone/>"
| InternalFailure msg ->
fprintf fmt "@\n<internalfailure reason=\"%a\"/>"
fprintf fmt "@\n<internalfailure@ reason=\"%a\"/>"
save_string (Printexc.to_string msg)
| Done r -> save_result fmt r
......@@ -508,15 +534,20 @@ let save_status fmt s =
let save_bool_def name def fmt b =
if b <> def then fprintf fmt "@ %s=\"%b\"" name b
let save_int_def name def fmt n =
if n <> def then fprintf fmt "@ %s=\"%d\"" name n
let opt lab fmt = function
| None -> ()
| Some s -> fprintf fmt "@ %s=\"%a\"" lab save_string s
let save_proof_attempt fmt (id,a) =
let save_proof_attempt fmt ((id,tl,ml),a) =
fprintf fmt
"@\n@[<hov 1><proof@ prover=\"%i\"@ timelimit=\"%d\"@ memlimit=\"%d\"%a%a%a>"
id a.proof_timelimit a.proof_memlimit
(opt "edited") a.proof_edited_as
"@\n@[<hov 1><proof@ prover=\"%i\"%a%a%a%a%a>"
(save_int_def "timelimit" tl) a.proof_timelimit
(save_int_def "memlimit" ml) a.proof_memlimit
(opt "edited") a.proof_edited_as
(save_bool_def "obsolete" false) a.proof_obsolete
(save_bool_def "archived" false) a.proof_archived;
save_status fmt a.proof_state;
......@@ -524,6 +555,8 @@ let save_proof_attempt fmt (id,a) =
let save_ident fmt id =
fprintf fmt "name=\"%a\"" save_string id.Ident.id_string;
(* location info is useless, and takes a lot of place *)
match id.Ident.id_loc with
| None -> ()
| Some loc ->
......@@ -532,6 +565,8 @@ let save_ident fmt id =
fprintf fmt
"@ locfile=\"%a\"@ loclnum=\"%i\" loccnumb=\"%i\" loccnume=\"%i\""
save_string file lnum cnumb cnume
let save_label fmt s =
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<hov 1><label@ name=\"%a\"/>@]" save_string s.Ident.lab_string
......@@ -549,7 +584,7 @@ let rec save_goal provers fmt g =
let l = PHprover.fold
(fun _ a acc -> (Mprover.find a.proof_prover provers, a) :: acc)
g.goal_external_proofs [] in
let l = List.sort (fun (i1,_) (i2,_) -> compare i1 i2) l in
let l = List.sort (fun ((i1,_,_),_) ((i2,_,_),_) -> compare i1 i2) l in
List.iter (save_proof_attempt fmt) l;
let l = PHstr.fold (fun _ t acc -> t :: acc) g.goal_transformations [] in
let l = List.sort (fun t1 t2 -> compare t1.transf_name t2.transf_name) l in
......@@ -559,14 +594,14 @@ let rec save_goal provers fmt g =
and save_trans provers fmt t =
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<hov 1><transf@ name=\"%a\"@ proved=\"%b\"%a>"
save_string t.transf_name t.transf_verified
save_string t.transf_name t.transf_verified
(save_bool_def "expanded" false) t.transf_expanded;
List.iter (save_goal provers fmt) t.transf_goals;
fprintf fmt "@]@\n</transf>"
and save_metas provers fmt _ m =
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<hov 1><metas@ proved=\"%b\"%a>"
(save_bool_def "expanded" false) m.metas_expanded;
let save_pos fmt pos =
fprintf fmt "ip_theory=\"%a\">" save_string pos.ip_theory;
......@@ -632,7 +667,7 @@ let save_theory provers fmt t =
fprintf fmt
"@\n@[<hov 1><theory@ %a@ verified=\"%b\"%a>"
save_ident t.theory_name
(save_bool_def "expanded" false) t.theory_expanded;
Ident.Slab.iter (save_label fmt) t.theory_name.Ident.id_label;
List.iter (save_goal provers fmt) t.theory_goals;
......@@ -646,20 +681,33 @@ let save_file provers fmt _ f =
List.iter (save_theory provers fmt) f.file_theories;
fprintf fmt "@]@\n</file>"
let save_prover fmt p (provers,id) =
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<hov 1><prover@ id=\"%i\"@ \
name=\"%a\"@ version=\"%a\"%a/>@]"
let save_prover fmt p (timelimits,memlimits) (provers,id) =
let mostfrequent_timelimit,_ =
(fun t f ((_,f') as t') -> if f > f' then (t,f) else t')
let mostfrequent_memlimit,_ =
(fun m f ((_,f') as m') -> if f > f' then (m,f) else m')
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<hov 1><prover@ id=\"%i\"@ name=\"%a\"@ \
version=\"%a\"%a@ timelimit=\"%d\"@ memlimit=\"%d\"/>@]"
id save_string p.C.prover_name save_string p.C.prover_version
(fun fmt s -> if s <> "" then fprintf fmt "@ alternative=\"%a\""
save_string s)
Mprover.add p id provers, id+1
mostfrequent_timelimit mostfrequent_memlimit;
Mprover.add p (id,mostfrequent_timelimit,mostfrequent_memlimit) provers, id+1
let save fname _config session =
let ch = open_out fname in
let fmt = formatter_of_out_channel ch in
fprintf fmt "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>@\n";
fprintf fmt "<!DOCTYPE why3session PUBLIC \"-//Why3//proof session v2//EN\" \"\">@\n";
fprintf fmt "<!DOCTYPE why3session PUBLIC \"-//Why3//proof session v5//EN\"@ \"\">@\n";
let rel_file = Sysutil.relativize_filename !session_dir_for_save fname in
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 1><why3session@ name=\"%a\" shape_version=\"%d\">"
......@@ -667,7 +715,7 @@ let save fname _config session =
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 1><why3session shape_version=\"%d\">"
let provers,_ = Sprover.fold (save_prover fmt) (get_used_provers session)
let provers,_ = PHprover.fold (save_prover fmt) (get_used_provers_with_stats session)
(Mprover.empty,0) in
PHstr.iter (save_file provers fmt) session.session_files;
fprintf fmt "@]@\n</why3session>";
......@@ -1066,10 +1114,8 @@ and load_proof_or_transf ~old_provers mg a =
match with
| "proof" ->
let prover = string_attribute "prover" a in
let p =
let p = Mstr.find prover old_provers in
let (p,timelimit,memlimit) =
try Mstr.find prover old_provers
with Not_found ->
eprintf "[Error] prover not listing in header '%s'@." prover;
raise (LoadError (a,"prover not listing in header"))
......@@ -1086,8 +1132,8 @@ and load_proof_or_transf ~old_provers mg a =
let edit = match edit with None | Some "" -> None | _ -> edit in
let obsolete = bool_attribute "obsolete" a false in
let archived = bool_attribute "archived" a false in
let timelimit = int_attribute_def "timelimit" a 2 in
let memlimit = int_attribute_def "memlimit" a 0 in
let timelimit = int_attribute_def "timelimit" a timelimit in
let memlimit = int_attribute_def "memlimit" a memlimit in
if timelimit < 0 then begin
eprintf "[Error] incorrect or unspecified timelimit '%i'@."
......@@ -1273,10 +1319,12 @@ let load_file session old_provers f =
let name = string_attribute "name" f in
let version = string_attribute "version" f in
let altern = string_attribute_def "alternative" f "" in
let timelimit = int_attribute_def "timelimit" f 5 in
let memlimit = int_attribute_def "memlimit" f 1000 in
let p = {C.prover_name = name;
prover_version = version;
prover_altern = altern} in
Mstr.add id p old_provers
Mstr.add id (p,timelimit,memlimit) old_provers
| s ->
eprintf "[Warning] Session.load_file: unexpected element '%s'@." s;
......@@ -51,10 +51,10 @@ let goal_expl_task ~root task =
(* Shapes *)
type shape = string
let print_shape = Format.pp_print_string
let string_of_shape x = x
let shape_of_string x = x
let equal_shape (x:string) y = x = y
let print_shape fmt s = Format.pp_print_string fmt (string_of_shape s)
let debug = Debug.register_info_flag "session_pairing"
~desc:"Print@ debugging@ messages@ about@ reconstruction@ of@ \
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