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module MergesortQueue
use import int.Int
use import list.Length
use import list.Append
use import list.Permut
use import module queue.Queue
type elt
predicate le elt elt
axiom total_preorder1:
forall x y: elt. le x y \/ le y x
axiom total_preorder2:
forall x y z: elt. le x y -> le y z -> le x z
clone import list.Sorted with type t = elt, predicate le = le
lemma Permut_cons_append:
forall x : 'a, l1 l2 : list 'a.
permut (Cons x l1 ++ l2) (l1 ++ Cons x l2)
lemma Permut_append:
forall l1 l2 k1 k2 : list 'a.
permut l1 k1 -> permut l2 k2 -> permut (l1 ++ l2) (k1 ++ k2)
lemma Permut_append_swap:
forall l1 l2 : list 'a.
permut (l1 ++ l2) (l2 ++ l1)
let merge (q1: t elt) (q2: t elt) (q: t elt) =
{ q.elts = Nil (* /\ sorted q1.elts /\ sorted q2.elts *) }
while length q1 > 0 || length q2 > 0 do
invariant { permut (q.elts ++ q1.elts ++ q2.elts)
(at q1.elts 'L ++ at q2.elts 'L) }
variant { length q1.elts + length q2.elts }
if length q1 = 0 then
push (pop q2) q
else if length q2 = 0 then
push (pop q1) q
let x1 = peek q1 in
let x2 = peek q2 in
if le x1 x2 then push (pop q1) q else push (pop q2) q
{ permut q.elts (old q1.elts ++ old q2.elts) }
let rec mergesort (q: t elt) =
{ }
if length q > 1 then begin
let q1 = create () : t elt in
let q2 = create () : t elt in
while not (is_empty q) do
invariant { permut (q1.elts ++ q2.elts ++ q.elts) (at q.elts 'L) }
variant { length q.elts }
let x = pop q in push x q1;
if not (is_empty q) then let x = pop q in push x q2
assert { q.elts = Nil };
assert { permut (q1.elts ++ q2.elts) (at q.elts 'L) };
mergesort q1;
mergesort q2;
merge q1 q2 q
{ (* sorted q.elts /\ *) permut q.elts (old q.elts) }
Local Variables:
compile-command: "unset LANG; make -C ../.. examples/programs/mergesort_queue.gui"
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