Commit 318485b0 authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard

eliminate_epsilon: fix bug introduced in 86f8d599

parent dd2d7a70
......@@ -102,10 +102,12 @@ let rec lift_f el acc t0 = match t0.t_node with
let vs, f = t_open_bound fb in
let acc, t = match is_canonical vs f with
| Some (ls, rargs) ->
let abst, axml = acc in
let ld, ax, cs = get_canonical ls in
let args, ty = List.fold_left (fun (args, ty) x ->
x::args, Ty.ty_func (t_type x) ty) ([], vs.vs_ty) rargs in
let args, ty, acc = List.fold_left (fun (args, ty, acc) x ->
let acc, y = lift_f el acc x in
y :: args, Ty.ty_func (t_type y) ty, acc
) ([], vs.vs_ty, acc) rargs in
let abst, axml = acc in
let apply f x = t_app_infer fs_func_app [f;x] in
let ap = List.fold_left apply (fs_app cs [] ty) args in
(ld :: abst, ax :: axml), ap
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