Commit 2fa1b306 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Fix hints about symlink creation.

parent d57512a2
......@@ -254,11 +254,9 @@ DONE * sauvegarde de la configuration : à quel endroit dans l'IDE ?
- cp -r doc/html /users/www-perso/projets/why3/doc-0.86
- cp share/why3session.dtd /users/www-perso/projets/why3/
- cp -r doc/stdlibdoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.86
ln -s -n -f /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.86 \
ln -s -n -f stdlib-0.86 /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib
- cp -r doc/apidoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.86
ln -s -n -f /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.86 \
ln -s -n -f api-0.86 /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api
* update the main HTML page (sources are in repository why3-www)
- edit index.html, change at least all occurrences of 0.85 by 0.86, and
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