Commit 2ddbf865 authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard

Preserve opaqueness during module cloning

parent a0084b8f
......@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ let clone_export uc m inst =
let psh = Hid.create 3 in
let conv_xs xs = try match Hid.find psh xs.xs_name with
| XS xs -> xs | _ -> assert false with Not_found -> xs in
let conv_eff eff =
let conv_eff mv eff =
let e = eff_empty in
let conv ghost r e = eff_write ~ghost e (conv_reg r) in
let e = Sreg.fold (conv false) eff.eff_writes e in
......@@ -464,7 +464,10 @@ let clone_export uc m inst =
let conv r u e = match u with
| Some u -> eff_refresh e (conv_reg r) (conv_reg u)
| None -> eff_reset e (conv_reg r) in
Mreg.fold conv eff.eff_resets e in
let e = Mreg.fold conv eff.eff_resets e in
let tvs = Mvs.fold (fun _ vs s -> ty_freevars s vs.vs_ty) mv Stv.empty in
let tvs = Stv.inter tvs eff.eff_compar in
Stv.fold (fun tv e -> eff_compare e tv) tvs e in
let conv_term mv t = t_gen_map (ty_s_map conv_ts) conv_ls mv t in
let addx mv xs t q = Mexn.add (conv_xs xs) (conv_term mv t) q in
let conv_vari mv (t,r) = conv_term mv t, conv_ls r in
......@@ -472,7 +475,7 @@ let clone_export uc m inst =
c_pre = conv_term mv c.c_pre;
c_post = conv_term mv c.c_post;
c_xpost = Mexn.fold (addx mv) c.c_xpost Mexn.empty;
c_effect = conv_eff c.c_effect;
c_effect = conv_eff mv c.c_effect;
c_variant = (conv_vari mv) c.c_variant;
c_letrec = 0; } in
let rec conv_aty mv a =
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