Commit 2d9cce5a authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Fix partial coloring of subterms.

parent 55d83567
......@@ -1189,8 +1189,9 @@ let color_loc ~color loc =
let f, l, b, e = Loc.get loc in
if f = !current_file then color_loc ~color source_view l b e
let color_locs ~color f =
Util.option_iter (color_loc ~color) f.Term.t_loc
let rec color_locs ~color f =
Util.option_iter (color_loc ~color) f.Term.t_loc;
Term.t_fold (fun () -> color_locs ~color) () f
(* FIXME: we shouldn't open binders _every_time_ we redraw screen!!!
No t_fold, no t_open_quant! *)
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