Commit 2c0d4f34 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Dexpr: add missing checks

parent 9e660415
......@@ -1152,13 +1152,13 @@ and try_expr uloc env ({de_dvty = argl,res} as de0) =
| DElet ((_,_,_,{de_dvty = ([],_)}) as dldf,de) ->
let ld, env = var_defn uloc env dldf in
let e2 = expr uloc env de in
e_let ld e2
e_let_check e2 ld
| DElet (dldf,de) ->
let ldl, env = sym_defn uloc env dldf in
List.fold_left e_let_check (expr uloc env de) ldl
| DErec (drdf,de) ->
let ld, env = rec_defn uloc env drdf in
e_let ld (expr uloc env de)
e_let_check (expr uloc env de) ld
| DEnot de ->
e_not (expr uloc env de)
| DEand (de1,de2) ->
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